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FLEMAN                software for dispatching centers and fleet management 
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 GK                    Software and
hardware for slot machines&nbsDownload


This is system is a sort of slot machine system but it is intended to be played by multiple players at the same time.
It can be purchase only the software component or complete hardware and software system.  Software it self has two separate forms, one of it is displayed on a TV set and the other one is displayed at the cashiers monitor. This system has 6 finished variations (six dog races tree variations, eight dog races one variation, keno bingo one variation, horse races one variation)  and we are currently working on new variation of Rolette game. This system is currently in its third version.
You can download a demo version of six dog races variation here. For more information go to our deducted webpage for this system www.bettingsys.com


1. Sportska Oblozuvalnica “Stativa”

2. Sportska Oblozuvalnica “Marakana”

3. Sportska Oblozuvalnica “Joker”

And Many more (this software has around 80 successful implementations in 30 companies)